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Mike's Free Stuff

Here's some stuff you can download and use for free. Some of it might even be useful.

Mac OS X Software

These programs are availablke for Mac OS X. Earlier versions of some of them are available for OpenStep and NeXTStep as well.

MOKit is an open source framework that extends Cocoa. Starting with version 2.7 MOKit is now hosted on and distributed through SourceForge and you can find the home page at mokit.sourceforge.net You can find the old home page for the project as well as downloads of versions prior to 2.7 here

TextExtras is a bundle for OPENSTEP for Windows and OPENSTEP for Mach. It is automatically loaded by all OPENSTEP applications and can add many text features to any application that uses the new text system.

Words is a BackSpace screen saver for Rhapsody. It displays random words (or lines, or paragraphs) from a file (or files). It is based on an old 3.x screen saver by Doug Harris.

PaintByNumbers is a logic puzzle game. It includes many built-in puzzles and also allows creating new puzzles.

Older Software

These programs are NOT available for Mac OS X. Risk is available for NeXTStep and Shell is for one specific old release of OpenStep for Windows.

Risk is, well, Risk. The game allows you to develop your own computer players, if you want. NOTE: Risk is only for NeXTStep 3.3 and earlier. It is not available for Mac OS X, or OpenStep.

Shell is a replacement Bourne shell for OpenStep for Windows. It provides a more reasonable shell environment than the simple console window used by the Bourne shell that comes with OpenStep for Windows. NOTE: This now ships as a demo on with OpenStep Enterprise 4.2 and later. The version that ships with OpenStep is more recent than this one. This app will never be updated here.

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