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Paint By Numbers

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Paint By Numbers 1.0

Paint By Numbers is a logic puzzle game. I first discovered these puzzles in Games magazine. Each puzzle is a grid of squares which are either black or white. To solve the puzzle you must figure out which squares are black and which are white. When a puzzle is completed the grid will form a picture. To determine which squares are black or white each column and row has a sequence of numbers. The numbers represent contiguous sequences of black squares in that row or column. There must be at least one white square separating each designated sequence of black squares. For example, if a row has the number sequence 4, 3, 10 then there are exactly 17 black squares in that row and they are arranged from left to right as a sequence of 4 black squares in a row followed by one or more white squares, followed by 3 black squares followed by one or more white squares, followed by 10 black squares in a row. There might be one or more white squares preceding the block of 4 black ones and/or following the block of 10 black ones.

Using the numbers and logic, it should be possible to find the unique solution to each puzzle.

Paint By Numbers comes with many built in puzzles. It can also be used to create your own puzzles. The game has two modes: one for playing/solving a puzzle and one for editing/creating a puzzle.

Paint By Numbers 1.0 is built to run on Mac OS X 1.0.


Releases are organized from the most recent to the oldest.

Recent releases are Disk Copy disk image files. After downloading, double-click the resulting file to mount it in Finder.

Source Code Binary Distribution
Mac OS X
PaintByNumbers 1.0 (for Mac OS X 1.0) smallFile Download smallFile Download

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