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Shell 0.9

Shell is an OPENSTEP app for Windows NT only. It is a replacement for the console window that the Bourne shell shipped with OPENSTEP for Windows usually runs in. Starting with OPENSTEP 4.2 Shell ships as a Demo in the Windows product. This version will run on either 4.1 or 4.2, but 4.2 users should use the one from the the OPENSTEP product itself.

Warning: Shell is NOT Terminal. Shell does not do any terminal emulation and programs that require terminal emulation will not work. This includes emacs and vi. Some people find Shell annoying. If you do, I suggest you don't use it.

Warning: This version of Shell will never be updated. Shell now ships as a demo with OpenStep Enterprise and Yellow Box for Windows. Use the one from the release.

Being an OPENSTEP application Shell has many of the features that all OPENSTEP apps have. It is based on the new text system so it has good copy/paste support, mouse-based editing, emacs key support, services support, and all that good stuff. Within the app Shell uses the same Bourne shell that ships with OPENSTEP (actually it uses a very slightly modified copy which is necessary to support Ctrl-C). It is really just the fact that it's running inside an OPENSTEP app that makes it different. Shell also has a few features of its own which are described briefly below.


History: Shell keeps its own history. For now, this doesn't buy you much, but it makes it possible for me to do more full featured history expansions and history completion later.

Escape completion: File/path completion and wildcard completion are currently supported.

Color and font control: You can set the colors and fonts used for regular output and shell prompts and can control the selected text coloring as well.

File drags: Dragging a file into a shell window will paste the path.


All the files are tarred and gzipped.

Source Code Binary Distribution
Mac OS X Server Windows
Shell 0.9 (for OPENSTEP 4.1) Not available Not available smallFileDownload

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